How is WCB failing?


There are a number of ways that WCB is failing Alberta’s workers.

  • Over time WCB has worked to decrease the premiums employers have to pay while maximizing their own profits. To lower employer premiums and maximize their own profit WCB has been denying claims and reducing the help hurt workers can get. They are doing this even though their whole purpose is to help injured workers.
  • WCB has been providing bonuses to their own staff for lower claim costs through closing claims quickly and returning injured workers to work before they are ready.
  • Other issues with WCB include problems when workers return to work, problems with recognizing workplace illnesses that other provinces acknowledge, the arbitrary maximum amount of wages WCB covers and replaces, and lastly, there are important issues workers face when they cannot find work after partially recovering from an injury.
  • WCB also makes it harder for workers to access independent Occupational Health Specialists. WCB hires Occupational Health Specialists for different kinds of contracts to carry out their role in helping workers. As part of these contracts WCB recently started adding a clause that prevents these Occupational Health Specialists from providing medical opinions to workers who are appealing WCB. It is extremely difficult to find Occupational Health Specialists in Alberta who do not have a contract with WCB. This means if you are injured as a worker and need a medical opinion for an appeal you will have to go outside of Alberta for help. 
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